The Irish Climate

Ireland is green. The reason for this is deceptively simple; the land gets a lot of rain.

With lots of mystery and beauty in so much greenery my grandfather used to tell us kids stories about many different mythical creatures that originated from Ireland. I think the funniest one he told was that the Tooth Fairy was Irish. Not that my siblings and I are all grown up we joke that perhaps our Papi was just a bit of a drunk, and many of these stories he made up in a tipsy frenzy as entertainment for us but more likely entertaining for himself! No one holds it against, rest his soul, as he was a gentle man, who did tell some pretty wild stories that made our childhood as great as it was.

Once, you could count on the Irish climate for a gloriously temperate summer, an invigoratingly stormy spring and autumn, and a crisp winter with a touch of ice around the edges. These days are passing; temperatures are rising, weather extremes are increasing in frequency and severity, and erosion and dryness are becoming major threats.

Here in Texas, the climate is quite different, but we’ve seen similar but more subtle storytelling tactics by some Texas trucking companies when one of their drivers has been involved in a serious big rig accident. Texas law firms encourage victims of serious truck accidents to contact experienced Texas truck accident lawyers as soon as possible after the accident so the law firm can get their specialists out in the field to not only take photos of the vehicles and other physical evidence from the scene, but also to question witnesses and other law enforcement officers or paramedics who were first responders. The trucking company and their lawyers would rather have the weather and traffic passing over the same road obliterate the evidence before the victim’s investigators can get to the scene, particularly when their driver and truck is at fault. Dirty tactics by large companies against the little folk is unfortunately very common throughout the world, not just in Texas.

The climate and environment of Ireland, famed from time immemorial, is suffering from the exploitation of international companies such as Shell. It is known that Shell employs their own ‘security forces. By using force and ‘dirty tricks’, whenever and wherever possible they often successfully intimidate and silence the opposition.

Already we see Ireland’s crops showing signs of decline.  Already we see rapid destruction of coastal areas due to increased water levels and more severe weather events. This is not merely a problem for policy-makers and businessmen, this is a threat to all that is Irish, and therefore to all the world — for a world without Ireland is a house without a garden.

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