Star Wars

Disney has done it. They have made a play for the Star Wars franchise & they are bound & determined to release several more movies in the story as well as a new cartoon. They have already decided upon much of what is to come. There are going to be 3 new origination stories for some of the main characters, such as Yoda. There will also be a new trilogy coming out to continue the epic saga that has already unfolded before our eyes. There has been much debate about this because many people feel that the original 3 were enough. Many people feel that there were some characteristics of the original movies lacking in episode 1, episode 2 & episode 3. I myself could not disagree more.

Yes I must agree that they were different style movies but given that there was such a drastic change in political structure over such a short period of time, one can easily see why the overall undertone of society as a whole had also changed. Episode one was a little bit to cartoonish for me. They also definitely killed of the most intriguing character of the entire trilogy off too soon, that being Darth Maul. If you asked me there should have been a continued storyline behind him & you they should have maybe made him out to be a continuing character throughout the trilogy. I can chalk that one up to an artistic difference of opinion & let it go without too much of a continued discussion. the other 2 movies were, in my opinion, very well put together.

They could have been a but more dark throughout but that would have taken away from the depths of blackness that emerges at the end of the trilogy when Anakin turns to the dark side & slaughters all of the young padawans, thereby sealing his alignment with Darth Sidious. The fantastic journey we have already experienced is about to get a whole new chapter & I for one can not wait. I understand that the new movies will be totally original works. That means that these movies will not be adapted from an already existing story. There have been several attempts to write continuation storylines beyond episode 6 but they are all lacking, if you ask me.

With this new storyline comes the chance to grow the entire franchise to new heights. I for one am extra excited because they have managed to put together a great core of people who will have the creative control. I am counting on one hell of a white knuckle ride. I imagine they will be able to continue the story without corrupting the previous work which has already been done in the past.

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